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I read The Boy Who Cried Wolf by B.G. Hennessy to one of my classes today, since they’re studying fairy tales and fables in reading this week.  Before reading we talked about how a fable is a story that’s meant to teach a lesson, and I asked them to be thinking about what lesson this story was teaching while they listened.

Afterwards, I had the kids share their answers with a partner before talking as a whole group.  (Good way to get all to participate, and to eavesdrop and see how many in the class get it).  Then, anybody who wanted to could share their answer with the whole class.  My favorites:

“Don’t lie, ’cause nobody will believe you.”

“Don’t scam people, it makes them mad.”

“No pranking.”

Side note–I love this version of the story!  It has captivating illustrations (down to the lazy shepherd boy lying on the grass picking his nose!)  and fun text to read aloud.  Check it out on amazon.

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I don’t want to get too much into politics on this blog, but AMEN.  If he can actually do what he is promising here, he’s got my vote.  This is from a speech in Beaumont TX.

I just discovered LibraryElf. It will check your library card account for you and email or RSS reminders when things are due, overdue, when holds come in, etc.  Check to see if it works with your library.  You can put several cards on your account (so, if you have a card for all your kids, you can have them all on there & get reminders for all of them).

What is this blog going to be about?  A lot of things.  Sometimes it might just be a vent, a rant.  Sometimes it might be a book review of a book I simply HAD to read to my students today.  But, mostly I want it to be about teacher librarianship.  What is that?

The teacher part:

Looking over my lesson plans from my first few years of teaching, I was much more consistent at reflecting on my practice in the classroom.  I made notes about what worked and what didn’t, students to watch or wonder about, ideas for future lessons, etc. almost every week.  Since moving from the classroom to the library, I don’t reflect in any organized or useful way.  I’d like to get back to that sort of beneficial, organized reflection.  But the teaching in the library isn’t as organized.  I think blogging about my teaching would improve my reflections, and make it more regular. I also hope that any readers might feel moved to comment on my meager reflections, accomplish the collaborative  element to reflections that I don’t quite get in my daily isolation as the sole librarian in my school.  Although LM_NET goes a LONG way toward fixing that feeling of isolation!

The librarianship part:

That includes quite a bit nowadays. . . it sure ain’t just stamping books and issuing overdue slips anymore!    Well, blogging–web 2.0.  I want my students to have experience with web 2.0 technologies–what better way to prepare myself for imparting that than to do it myself? I already READ a lot of blogs.  But, other than my school library’s website, I don’t contribute to the well of knowledge out there.  So here’s my first contribution–so far, just dreams about what I want to do.

More reality soon.