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This week we’ve been reading Maybe a Bear Ate It! by Robie Harris with my little ones. (K & 1st). It is such a fun book, told just as much through the pictures as the minimal text. A little purple and green monster is reading HIS BOOK in bed. Then it disappears. He can’t live without it, and starts imagining all sorts of ridiculous things that might’ve happened to it. . .

“Maybe a bear ate it! . . . Maybe a elephant fell asleep on it!”

Then he starts hunting all over his house for it. . in the sink, in a shopping bag, even in the dryer! My observant children were edging off their seats, saying, “It was under his bed! It was under his bed!”

After reading it through once, we flipped back through it to talk about taking care of library books, and places to look when you can’t find your book

“Should you sit on your book like the elephant?” “NO!”

“How many of you have found something you thought you lost under your bed? (Lots of sharing time here. . .the best one was a little boy who found his puppy under his bed).

It’s definitely on my most recommended list, especially for librarians. . it’s a good lead-in to a book care lesson without feeling too didactic.


I love Kindergartners sometimes.

ME: What’s your name?

K student: “Freddie the Rainbow.”

Turn to my assistant to see if she heard the same thing I did.  She did.  (She has the best faces!)

ME: Could you tell me that again?

Second try reveals that his last name does rhyme with Rainbow, but is not, in fact, rainbow!

A Kindergarten student came in this morning on an errand for her teacher.

“Mrs. wants to know if her lemonade is done.”

I sent her back to class, her teacher’s laminating (lemonade-ing) in tow.

Horrible: Stolen $$

Hosting the Book Fair fundraiser this week & next. Constant flow of 2-10 kids at a time to shop, especially during lunch/recess times.

Primary Grade Teacher sends several little ones in to shop right after they finished lunch. About seven other kids, from all different classes, wander through while they were there. (Little kids can’t count money or read prices well, so they take longer).

One of the primary students SETS THEIR $ DOWN on a display & walked away from it! Common sense, come on! So frustrating, for a couple of reasons:

A) I don’t see this event so I can advise student of the idiocy of such an action. In a kind and loving way, of course 😉

B) I have no way of figuring out the culprit. It could be one from Primary Grade Teacher’s room, or a kid from any of about 10 different classes. They all have money with them, so possession of money doesn’t help narrow the suspects, and of course their teachers don’t know how much money they brought.

No Good: Flat tire

Run out of pennies for the book fair. Get permission from Wonderful Principal to run to the bank and get more before Amazing Assistant leaves for the day. Go out to car. Tire is flat. Grrr.

Call Large, Manly, Husband and sweet talk him into picking up pennies and then dealing with flat tire before school lets out that afternoon since I THINK I’m scheduled to work at part-time job in the afternoon. (Notice the THINK).

He comes, tries for about an hour to change the tire in the drizzle. He is unable to do so because my tire change kit is missing something. I call in to part-time job to tell them I’ll be late because of tire. Part-time job boss: You’re not scheduled to work this afternoon. The schedule you gave me last week says I am. Argh.

Flat tire, part 2:

That afternoon, School Secretary helps put on the donut tire in 15 minutes flat. Large Manly Husband loses major boy points. Drive to tire shop and purchase new tire. Large Manly Husband loses more boy points that evening when I muscle open a jar he is unable to open. Boy points are as yet unrecovered.

Very Bad: Staff drama

Not going into too much detail here, to protect the guilty. Have you every worked in a predominately female workplace? Then you need no further explanation. For those that do need further explanation: Busybodies, gossip, power struggles, and tears were involved.


Weekend spent recovering.

This happens at least once a day.  Child will ask my Amazing Assistant a question.  Amazing Assistant answers.  Child will turn around to me and ask the SAME question again.

Me: Didn’t Amazing Assistant just tell you the answer to that question?

Child looks confused.


This week, one of my little ones wanted a particular book.

BF: What’s the book about?

Kid: It’s brown.

BF: The cover’s brown?  What else was on the cover?

Kid: It had a dog on it.  You know, the one ___ had.

BF’s wonderful library assistant, holding up a book she’s about to shelve:  Is it this one?

Kid: YES!

I dare you to top that in a “reference interview” class in library school!