Dust from the Book Fairy

Who’s the Book Fairy?

Occupation:  Elementary Library Media Specialist.  (That’s what my name tag says. . . I prefer teacher librarian, personally).  Also a part-time tutor at large tutoring chain to pay off fees required to earn aforementioned name tag.

Former Occupations:

  1. Middle school social studies teacher.  I miss my middle schoolers sometimes. sigh.
  2. Library Clerk
  3. Camp Counselor
  4. Student Ministry worker

Age:  Not a baby, not yet old.  🙂

Life status:  Married, no kids.  Or 500 kids, depending on how you look at it.

So, you know a bit more about where I’m coming from.

I chose Dust from the Book Fairy because of the symbolism of it.  The dust in my library that is always present.  The dust of ideas blowing around the students in my library.  The magic fairy dust inside books and reading.  The dust particles of ideas I scatter across the web through this blog.

Book Fairy comes from my favorite wrong name a kindergartener has ever called me.   My last name is multi-syllabic and hard for kinders to say, so I usually tell them they can call me Ms. First Initial.  They invariably forget this, and try for my whole last name.  Or call me the music teacher’s name, or the art teacher, or their teacher’s name.  But walking down the hall one day at the beginning of this school year, one of the kinders shouted out, “Hey!  There’s the book fairy!”  I thought, I want a t-shirt that says that!


1 Response to "Who’s the Book Fairy?"

I love the story behind your name…and thanks for the compliment of linking to my blog!

I look forward to more of your adventures

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