Dust from the Book Fairy

School’s almost over. . . do you know where your library book is?

Posted on: 20 May 2009

Ahh. . . summer vacation beckons.  The students are wild, the teachers are frazzlesd, and your friendly school librarian is nagging, nagging, nagging.  I spent the better part of my day calling the parents of the kids who still have 80ish books checked out of my library. That’s about 60 phone calls, people.  Of those phone calls:

  • 1/4 were to disconnected numbers, “She no longer works here,” and just plain incorrect numbers.
  • 1/4 had no voice mail/answering machine.
  • 1/4 were to voicemail, so  I left a message.  Easy
  • 1/4 I actually talked to the child’s adults.

So that last 1/4. 99.99% of the parents promised to look for the book and get it or the replacement cost to the library ASAP.

Now the others:

  • “My darlin did NOT check that out, I am not going to pay any $5, and the school had better NOT hold their grade card.”  Um. . . okay.
  • “My darlin said they returned that book, and we are not paying for it. It’s your word against theirs.”  My WORD?! We have spent the last two weeks inventorying all 10,000 items in the library.  The shelves have all been read and straightened.  We have searched for the books still checked out and/or missing several times.  My back still hurts, and my eyes still have a twitch from reading shelves in the semidark because our lightbults are blowing out all at once and we don’t have any replacements.  Your darlin has spent their last several library classes arguing with me about this book, and we have checked the shelves for it together.  Multiple times. It’s not here.
  • And my favorite:  Little darlin had failed to bring home any of my weekly overdue notices. SINCE JANUARY.   Darlin told momma they never got a note, and anyway they couldn’t return it because no one was in the library.  But, alas, momma wasn’t buying what darlin was selling. . . “I’m just calling to confirm that notes were sent.  I want to see how deep into this lie darlin’s gonna go.”

When does summer start?


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