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Public schools are funded by taxes, so this is sorta edu-related

Posted on: 14 September 2008

Okay, this is a bit political, which I thought I’d try to stay away from here, but I couldn’t help it. NYC Educator is on my feed reader, and a recent entry had this very interesting graph from the Washington Post. If this is accurate, McCain’s tax cuts are almost entirely for the wealthy. The lower income brackets, who ostensibly need the most help, get the smallest tax breaks under McCain’s plan. That doesn’t seem fair to me. Obama’s plan will probably anger the wealthy, but it looks like the majority (60% of taxpayers) will be better off under his tax plan. You can click the picture to see the whole article, with a bigger graph.

I think Obama’s plan looks way better for me personally, and way more “fair” for most people. My definition of fair–shared often enough with my students that they can recite it:

“Fair is not everyone getting the same. Fair is everyone getting what they NEED.”


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