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Judy Moody goes to College

Posted on: 1 September 2008

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This book is a definite winner.  I read it to all the second graders at my school, and it makes a great read-aloud.   When Judy Moody visited the art class and called it the “Naked Lady class,” she had them rolling with laughter.  The story moves quickly, and it’s full of humor that the kids loved.  Almost all of them know someone going to college, and it made for great real-life connections for them. Every single Judy Moody title in our library has stayed checked out ever since.  I’ve been recommending it to students who love Junie B. Jones by Park and Clementine by Pennypacker.

Judy Moody Goes to College

Judy Moody Goes to College

As a teacher, I thought it would be a great novel to build a curricular theme around—you could work in math by talking about the topics Judy Moody discusses with her tutor, art through the art class Judy attends in the story, and even some environmental science topics.  You might even take a field trip to a local college and see how it compares to the one Judy Moody visits in the story.


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What a great idea for a topic! What age group do you teach, out of interest? x

K-5. I’m a school librarian and I see every class once a week.

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