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Back to School by the Numbers meme

Posted on: 25 August 2008

I’ve been tagged for an interesting original meme by Where’s the Sun? (More numbers! ack! I just finished counting about a bajillion pennies for our Book Fair One for Books change drive!) Really, though, this is the first time Ive ever been tagged for a meme, so I’m excited.

Back To School Meme

Completed in Reference to (Self or Child): Self

1. Number of years teaching or your eldest child has been in school (k through college) ? 6

2. Amount approximately spent on Back to School Items so far including clothes? $100.00

3. Number of Days until school starts in your area (+ or – if it’s started)? 15 days down, 165 to go!

4. Approximate distance school is from your house? 4 miles

5. Amount of time it will take you or your child to get to school from your house by car or bus? 9 minutes

6. The actual or approximate number of students in the class you teach or your oldest child’s class? 27 classes, 500ish students

7. The number of classes in your grade or your oldest child’s grade level? see above (I see all grades!)

8. The price to buy a full student lunch at school? $2.25

9. Number of schools in your district? 21

10. Early dismissal days already built into the calendar? 3

11. Price paid for the most expensive back to school item so far? $20 for some new pants

12. Time school day ends? 2:45 for the kiddos, 3:00 for me

* Just for fun and since this is a numbers meme try to match the number of people you invite to try this meme with your lowest answer to any of the questions minus one whichever you choose. My smallest answer was number was 3 (half-days in question 10), soooo. . . subtract one equals two. Two cool bloggers I like to read. (The Count laugh here ah, ha, ah):

Organized Chaos

And somebody else, soon I hope!

*Back to School by the Numbers Meme created by: Wheresthesun.org


2 Responses to "Back to School by the Numbers meme"

Thanks for completing the meme. I can’t imagine how you remember the names of about 500 students!

I know a lot of them, but sadly, not all 500. I substitute sweetheart or sunshine when I can’t come up with a name immediately. When it’s really obvious that I don’t know their name and their feelings are hurt by that, I tell them, “I’m sorry, but you know what it means when I can’t remember your name? It means you are a good kid. I haven’t had to fuss at you so much that I know your name without having to think about it.” That helps a bit, but it makes me angry with myself that I take so much longer to learn the good kids’ names than I do the ya-hoos’ names.

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