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When I’m in charge of the world

Posted on: 4 August 2008

Here’s the school schedule I’d implement.  I’ve often thought that BOTH the students and teachers would be so much more relaxed and ready to learn/teach in the afternoon, if the kids could get outside for at least half and hour and run around like nuts in the middle of the day.  Better yet if everyone got a break from the work of learning for at least an hour, plus time for lunch.  So I started thinking about how to make that happen.  Here’s my idea, what do you think? (My system uses block schedules starting in middle school, but in Middle, you have Language Arts & Math all year, 2 “specials,” and Sci/SS share a block.

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High/middle schedule

8:30-10:00 First block

10:10-11:40 Second Block

11:40-1:40 Lunch/activity block

11:40-12:10 1st lunch/activity period

12:10-12:40 1st lunch/activity period

12:40-1:10 3rd 1st lunch/activity period

1:10-1:40 4th 1st lunch/activity period **sports teams lunches (no yakking on the field!)

1:40-3:10 Third block

3:20-4:50 Fourth block

  • Students who are not in a club/sport are assigned to three choices of activity periods during the lunch/activity block.

  • Any school assemblies take place during this block.

  • Almost all teachers have the lunch/activity block “off”–1/2 hour lunch & 1 ½ hour planning/meeting time. Staff meetings occur here, but are no more than 45 minutes.

  • Teachers assistants/ community volunteers supervise the activity blocks, or teachers who want to end their day at 3:30 & have a “traditional” schedule, or want to earn extra pay for supervision duties. Or supervision duties could be rotated, like bus duty is now.

  • Sports/band/choir practices are scheduled during the activity period.

  • Coaches could have another block off, to make up for time spent coaching their sport.

  • Club meetings occur during one of the activity periods.

  • Students who could drive could leave during activity period? (Maybe just seniors?)

  • Parents encouraged to schedule Dr. appointments during this time, so as not to interfere with academic time.

Activity periods available:

  • Tutoring *students could be assigned to this block if necessary.

  • Library reading/research

  • Quiet study

  • nap/rest/quiet

  • Educational TV (PBS, TLC, CNN National Geographic—if this is legal)

  • Computer Lab

  • recess” (outdoors or gym)

Elementary schedule

7:45-10:45 Morning Session

10:45-12:45 Lunch/activity block

12:45-3:45 Afternoon Session

Lunch/activity block options:

10:45-11:15 K & 1 lunch 2 & 3 recess 4 & 5 tutoring/lab/library/quiet

11:15-11:45 2 & 3 lunch K & 1 Quiet time 4 & 5 recess

11:45-12:15 4 & 5 lunch K & 1 Recess 2 & 3 tutoring/lab/library

12:15-12:45 4th lunch period if needed/Extra recess/Schoolwide assemblies/Club meetings.


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