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Adopt an Ugly Book

Posted on: 16 April 2008

My library’s got a lot of ugly picture books.  If you’ve worked in a library, I’m sure you can relate–Unless you’ve lucked into a brand-new library, complete with brand-new books.  If you have, don’t tell.  It’ll just make me jealous.

I know I could, and in some cases should, drastically weed them.

BUT (WHINE ALERT) It’s only my second year.  I’ve already caused some heart attacks with my weeding of duplicates and literally moldy-oldies.  Some of them are classics.  Good stories, just unloved because the kids can’t get past the ugly, plain covers.

So, my 3rd-5th graders are picking out one of these unloved orphans.  They’re giving them a makeover with new covers.  We’re going to laminate the new, improved covers put them on the books. Students started this week by selecting a book to adopt, reading it, and thinking about ideas for the book cover.

And the best part of all: They’re excited about it!

From a Student: “Can we check it out first when we’re done?”

From a Teacher: “My kids came in from recess today and asked me if they’re going to get to adopt an ugly book in their library class this week.”

Hopefully I’ll have some pictures of rejuvenated books soon.


2 Responses to "Adopt an Ugly Book"

What a great idea! We have a lot of those in our library too. I’m looking forward to see your student’s creations.

Thanks for the positive comment! I’ve been having fun with this so far.

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