Dust from the Book Fairy

I’m Dirty!

Posted on: 10 March 2008

Kate and Jim McMullan’s picture books, I Stink! and I’m Dirty! are buckets of fun to read aloud to kids.

I Stink! is about a garbage truck; I’m Dirty! is about a backhoe loader.  Both have plenty of attitude, as they tell you about what they do, with loud, raucous noises:

Garbage truck: “See those bags? I SMELL BREAKFAST! Crew? Get me to the curb!”

Backhoe: “RRRRRM! RRRRRM! Who wants to be clean when it’s so much fun being dirty? Clunk! I just LOVE my job!”

They sound like “boy” books, don’t they?   I’ll admit that my boys love them, but so do the girls.  When I finished reading it aloud to the second graders for the first time, they immediately begged me to read it again.

So, I decided to do I’m Dirty! as the library’s door decorations for our Read Across America celebration.  I printed out the title and authors names, and drew a huge backhoe.  The kids colored illustrations from the book that I found on Kate McMullan’s website.  It was a blast.  Hopefully, I’ll get some pictures posted of that soon.


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