Dust from the Book Fairy

Exciting chance to improve collaboration

Posted on: 23 February 2008

I know that collaborating with my teachers is the ideal situation to teach kids research skills, information literacy, etc.  But I’m on a fixed schedule, library classes are planning time for my teachers, and I have SO much trouble getting them to work with me.  I did get to work on a collaborative project with a teacher last year, but she was an interim and left.  Sigh.  I know this sounds like a lot of excuses.  And it is mostly that, just excuses.  I own that I am having trouble with this part of my job and I want to do better.  I think an opportunity just fell into my lap.

The reading coach came to me yesterday and asked if I would be willing to drop in on teachers’ half day curriculum planning sessions for a bit if she covered my classes for me!  Would I!  I am so excited about this–I’ve been unable to figure out a way to make that work with scheduling, but I’d love to get in there for at least a little bit of time.  Here’s hoping it actually happens.


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