Dust from the Book Fairy

Purpose. . .

Posted on: 8 February 2008

What is this blog going to be about?  A lot of things.  Sometimes it might just be a vent, a rant.  Sometimes it might be a book review of a book I simply HAD to read to my students today.  But, mostly I want it to be about teacher librarianship.  What is that?

The teacher part:

Looking over my lesson plans from my first few years of teaching, I was much more consistent at reflecting on my practice in the classroom.  I made notes about what worked and what didn’t, students to watch or wonder about, ideas for future lessons, etc. almost every week.  Since moving from the classroom to the library, I don’t reflect in any organized or useful way.  I’d like to get back to that sort of beneficial, organized reflection.  But the teaching in the library isn’t as organized.  I think blogging about my teaching would improve my reflections, and make it more regular. I also hope that any readers might feel moved to comment on my meager reflections, accomplish the collaborative  element to reflections that I don’t quite get in my daily isolation as the sole librarian in my school.  Although LM_NET goes a LONG way toward fixing that feeling of isolation!

The librarianship part:

That includes quite a bit nowadays. . . it sure ain’t just stamping books and issuing overdue slips anymore!    Well, blogging–web 2.0.  I want my students to have experience with web 2.0 technologies–what better way to prepare myself for imparting that than to do it myself? I already READ a lot of blogs.  But, other than my school library’s website, I don’t contribute to the well of knowledge out there.  So here’s my first contribution–so far, just dreams about what I want to do.

More reality soon.


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